Phenotype Beanplot

Step #1 Data
Trait should be the name of the trait measured including units (e.g. Days till 10% of Plants have Elongated Tendrils (days)).
Paste a tab delimited copy of your data into the following box. Your data should NOT INCLUDE A HEADER and should consists of the following 4 columns:
  1. Location: The Full name of the location of the plot the data was recorded in (e.g. Sutherland).
  2. Year: The year the data was recorded in (e.g 2017).
  3. Germplasm: The name of the germplasm measured as you would like it to appear in the diagram (e.g. CDC Redberry).
  4. Mean: The mean of the data points recorded for a given germplasm and siteyear. Specifically, you should average the values across replicates.
Step #2 Customize Display
A list of germplasm detected from the dataset provided. Please select a germplasm to highlight in the chart.