Lentil Genome Pre-Release

The Lentil genome v1.2 has been made available as a pre-release. Please remember that you have signed an EULA in order to gain access to this release and thus have agreed to the following principles consistent with the Bermuda and Fort Lauderdale agreements on data release and the Toronto Statement:

  • To respect the rights of the data producers and contributors to analyze and publish the first global analyses and certain other reserved analyses of this data set in a peer-reviewed publication. I understand that this includes:
    • Whole chromosome or whole genome level analyses on genes, gene families, repetitive sequences;
    • Comparative analysis with other organisms; and
    • Any other analyses that may limit the opportunity for the LenGen data producers and contributors to publish the first global analysis.
  • To not redistribute, release, or otherwise provide access to the data to anyone outside of my group, until the data has been published, submitted to the public data repositories, or, if not published, for one year from the conclusion of the individual project or initiative as displayed on the KnowPulse website.
  • To contact LenGen Project Leader (k.bett@usask.ca) and data producers to discuss any publication plans that utilize this data to avoid the overlap of any planned analyses.
  • To cite accurately and completely the prepublication data, including any applicable version.
  • Prior to publication of the reserved analyses, to credit “The Lentil Genome Sequencing (LenGen) Project” and its Project Leaders (KE Bett and DR Cook), and the researcher(s) responsible for generating the data.
  • That this data as accessed is pre-competitive and is not patentable in its present state.


You now have permission to BLAST against the Lentil Genome v0.8 pre-release. To do so, simply select the Lentil Genome from the list of Search Sets and enter the sequences you want to align as the Query.

BLAST your Sequence


The Lentil Genome is now available on JBrowse. This is a great way to see a region or gene of interest in the context of the Lentil Genome. Currently Medicago and Soybean gene sets are available as is the first draft of Lentil putative genes.

Browse Lentil on JBrowse