KnowPulse provides to both genomic and transcript sequence from Chickpea, Common Bean, Field Pea, and Lentil. Search Sequences


Recent Large scale genomics projects have resulted a large pool of defined sequence variation between germplasm. Search Variants


Many variants already have markers developed for them, providing a good resource for marker association studies. Search Markers


BLAST - Basic Local Alignment Search Tool


The KnowPulse BLAST allows users to BLAST a query sequence against a number of public cDNA and genomic sequence sets for Lentil, Chickpea, Field Pea & Common Bean. Specifically, the Pulse DFCI indices are available as well as the genome sequences for Medicago, Soybean, Chickpea, Common Bean and Lentil. This service allows users to find sequences homologous to their gene of interest with already developed markers and polymorphic loci.

BLAST your Sequence



JBrowse is a graphical means of exploring the features of a genome. KnowPulse has JBrowse instances available for Medicago (v4.0), Soybean (Phytozome, v2.0), Common Bean (Phytozome, v1.0) and Chickpea (kabuli, v1.0).

Genotype Comparison Tool

Genotype Comparison Tool

The Germplasm Genotype Tool allows researchers to compare genotypic data visually. The researcher indicates which germplasm interests them and the genotypes for those germplasm are shown side-by-side. This allows for a quick visual comparison of similarity, as well as, export of a specific set of genotypic data for further analysis.

Compare Genotypes: Lentil