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Plants are considered lodged when the plant canopy is no longer vertical to the ground. Lodging in lentils potentially results in lower yield and higher disease rate in the regions with cool, wet growing season (Lentil Production Manual, n.d.). Lodge in lentils also leads to high yield losses from a mechanized harvest (Erskine & Goodrich,1988).


Collection Methods
AGILE Activity 2: Phenotyping in three major lentil production macro-environments

This experiment was measured using the following method(s): Lodging, Scale 1(upright) - 5(lodged) (Scale 1 (upright) - 5 (lodged)).

Table 1: Site-years for AGILE Activity 2: Phenotyping in three major lentil production macro-environments*
Metaponto, Italy2016, 2017
Central Ferry, USA2018, 2017
Bardiya, Nepal2016, 2017
Cordoba, Spain2017
Jessore, Bangladesh2017, 2016
Sutherland, Canada2018
* Only contains site years with data for this trait.
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Lodging, Scale 1(upright) - 5(lodged) (Scale 1 (upright) - 5 (lodged))
Figure: Comparison of observed Lodging (Lodging, Scale 1(upright) - 5(lodged)) between site years for AGILE Activity 2: Phenotyping in three major lentil production macro-environments.
Lodging was measured as a Scale 1 (upright) - 5 (lodged). At harvest, lodging was recorded using the scale: 1 = vertical/upright 2 = leaning 3 = most plants at 45° angle 4 = all plants 10-45° from ground 5 = most plants flat/prostrate. Replicates were then averaged per germplasm within a single site-year. The chart shows the number of germplasm with a specific Lodging where site-years are shown as different coloured bars. Germplasm exhibiting multiple Lodging values are shown as [first value]/[second value] where order is not meaningful.
Genetic Maps and QTL
The following table lists quantitative trait loci (QTL) available for the current trait.
Genetic MapTraitNamePeak PositionConfidence IntervalPeak LODAdditive Effect
There are no quantitative trait loci (QTL) asscoaited with the current trait.