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Behind KnowPulse is a team of intelligent and creative individuals who specialize in breeding and genetics, project management, bioinformatics, molecular biology, relational database and data management and curation.

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KnowPulse is fully equipped with applications that will allow you to see data in a better perspective.
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Carolyn Caron
Pulse Crop Breeding and Genetics


Capturing an increasing volume of phenotypic and genotypic data, KnowPulse employs only the best open-source technology available.

KnowPulse Data QuickStats:
33K Germplasm, 105M Genotype Calls, 400K Phenotypes, 241 Traits, 680K Variants, 650K Markers, 495K Sequence


KnowPulse in its core function is built with Project Managers in mind - Data organization, People management, Project Organization and Reporting.

Laura Jardine, M.Sc
Project Manager, EVOLVES
Lentil Breeding and Genetics
  • KnowPulse is an integrated and intuitive tool that allows users to easily access genetic and phenotypic data, as well as germplasm information of pulses.

    Azalea Guerra Garcia, Ph.D.Post-Doctoral Fellow
    Pulse Crop Breeding and Genetics UofS
  • Having a single resource for our data, from sequencing runs to germplasm pedigrees, makes it easy to find whatever information I'm looking for quickly.

    Larissa RamsaySenior Bioinformaticist
    Pulse Crop Breeding and Genetics UofS
  • I like how easy it is to navigate the JBrowse in KnowPulse for orthology discovery as well as SNP (Single Nucleotide Polymorphism) visualization among populations.

    Hai Ying Yuan, Ph.D.Professional Research Associate
    Pulse Crop Breeding and Genetics UofS
  • It was very easy to upload the excel sheet by just dragging the file. Another was the incorporation of procedures for data measurement within the excel file provided.

    Rajeev DhakalSenior Program Officer
    LI-BIRD (Nepal)
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