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Phaseolus vulgaris: G19833 Genome Assembly v2.1

Phaseolus vulgaris v2.1, DOE-JGI and USDA-NIFA,
Date Released
April 2017
Data Source
Assembly Genome Size
537.2 Mb
Number Of Scaffolds
Scaffold N50 value
Scaffold N50 length
49.7 Mb
Number Of Genes
This version represents a new PacBio-based assembly of the Phaseolus vulgaris G19833 genome. It consists of 83.2x long-read sequence coverage of the genome which was assembled into 11 chromosomes containing 95.3% of the sequence.
Assembly Details
Workflow/Pipeline Name
Phytozome Assembly workflow
Program Version
Sequence was generated on the Pacific Biosciences platform and then assembled using FALCON. The assembly was then corrected using a genetic map consisting of 7,015 markers and the sequence was corrected using ~70x of illumina reads (2x250, 800bp insert). Methodology describing the assembly process is available on the Phytozome 12.1 website.
LegFed DataStore
Original Source

This data is publicly available at the above locations. It can be used with citation for small-scale analysis.

Phaseolus vulgaris v2.1, DOE-JGI and USDA-NIFA,

For large-scale analysis please access the phytozome website for collaborator contact information.