CDC Horizon forage pea

TitleCDC Horizon forage pea
AuthorsWarkentin T, Kostuik J, Klassen E, Barlow B, Ife S, Tar'an B, Vandenberg A
TypeJournal Article
JournalCan. J. Plant Sci.


CDC Horizon is a forage pea (Pisum sativum L.) cultivar released in 2010 by the CropDevelopment Centre, University of Saskatchewan, for distribution to Select seed growers in Saskatchewan and Alberta through the Variety Release Program of the Saskatchewan Pulse Growers. CDC Horizon has a semileafless leaf type, high biomass production, good biomass quality, good seed yield, and resistance to powdery mildew (caused by Erysiphe pisi Syd.). It has superior lodging resistance to the check cultivars Trapper, 40-10 and CDC Sonata, but with slightly greater seed weight than Trapper and 40-10. CDC Horizon had similar lodging resistance and grain yield compared with the field pea check cultivar CDC Minuet. CDC Horizon had similar overall performance to CDC Leroy and CDC Tucker, but with 89% greater forage dry matter production, respectively.


Warkentin T, Kostuik J, Klassen E, Barlow B, Ife S, Tar'an B, Vandenberg A. CDC Horizon forage pea. 2012; 92(1):207-209.